ABOUT: Indivisible Evanston

Indivisible Evanston was founded in April 2017 by a group of Evanston citizens who were alarmed by the 2016 election results, and were committed to resisting the Trump agenda. We are part of a nationwide grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups who share the mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and resist Trump. The goal of Indivisible Evanston is to inform, encourage, organize and mobilize our community to defeat the Trump/GOP agenda as well as to help progressive Democrats get elected.


Our strategy is informed by Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, a document created in late 2016 by Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, two former congressional staffers. The guide focuses on direct actions that citizens and local groups can take to influence their representatives in Washington. You can learn more about the national Indivisible organization below.


After being published online as a Google document, the went viral, resulting in the 5000 local groups that exist today (including ours). If you’re new to Indivisible, we have links below where you can check out their website. We also recommend that you read and download the original Indivisible Guide to get started

Indivisible Evanston is a member of the Indivisible Chicago Alliance and Indivisible Illinois. Please check them out for more ways to get involved near you. If you are outside of Illinois, click here to find your local Indivisible group.

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Thanks for joining us, and please invite your friends and family to as well! This is a community effort, and we are grateful for whatever skills you can contribute to help us to hold our government accountable and steer it in the best possible direction.

The mission of Indivisible Evanston is to resist Donald Trump, his administration, and like-minded Members of Congress, and to remove them all from office on November 3, 2020, before they replace our democracy with an authoritarian plutocracy. We do not expect our members or allies to agree on all issues, but we invite those who agree that the Trump presidency is harming our country to work together to replace him and his GOP enablers. We seek to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, and we are committed to non-violence in all our actions

ABOUT: The Indivisible Guide & Movement

Action by action, day by day, group by group, Indivisibles are remaking our democracy.

Brought together by our practical guide to resist the Trump agenda, Indivisible is a movement of thousands of group leaders and more than a million members taking regular, iterative, and increasingly complex actions to resist the GOPs agenda, elect local champions, and fight for progressive policies.

Indivisible volunteers make calls. They show up. They speak with their neighbors. They organize. And through that work, they’ve built hundreds of mini-movements in support of their local values. And now, after practice, training, and repetition, the 5000 groups nationwide have built lasting power on their home turfs and a massive, collective political muscle ready to be exercised each and every day in every corner of the country.

Indivisible Civics supports civic education and leadership development for local Indivisible groups by offering trainings, facilitating regional group coordination, building partnerships, demystifying federal and state policy processes, and supporting voter registration.

The Indivisible Project empowers Indivisible groups to achieve legislative and electoral victories through legislative advocacy and political campaign expertise, strategic and coordinated calls to action, and a targeted electoral program.


Indivisible Action provides Indivisible groups access to voter contact software, along with a suite of canvassing, phonebanking, and texting tools in support of progressive candidates.  Indivisible Action also makes endorsements of federal and gubernatorial candidates nominated by their local Indivisible groups, vetted by our political team, and voted on by our supporters in the states and districts the candidate wishes to represent.


Indivisible's Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors

Leah Greenberg & Ezra Levin

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, 2019



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