2019: Indivisible on Offense

Step One: Watch Indivisible's Video

Step Two: Read Indivisible on Offense

Now that House Democrats can determine which bills get votes, there are two big opportunities to go on legislative offense in 2019 and 2020: messaging bills and must-pass bills. House Democrats can now also hold Trump’s entire administration accountable through oversight and investigations (subpoena power, investigatory power, congressional-hearings power and more!). This all gets complicated, but check out the guide for practical steps on how to use this intel.

Step Three: Read Indivisible States

There are huge opportunities to resist Trump and provide a progressive vision for the country through state-level advocacy. Many of the same principles when advocating for federal change apply at the state level. With the big gains last Tuesday, we have a lot more opportunities to accomplish proactive policy wins - and this all starts happening early in 2019.

2017: Learn Indivisible's History & Read

the Original Guide

A MESSAGE FROM EZRA LEVIN, Co-Founder Indivisible Guide 5/11/17: The weekend after the 2016 election, my wife Leah & I gathered a group of friends at our house. We were grieving and angry and scared, and we were all trying to answer a simple question: what do we do now? We didn’t have answers, but we knew we had to do something.

We weren’t alone. All over the country, friends, families, and neighbors were coming together—in living rooms, on campuses, in churches and mosques and community centers—to try to figure out what they could do. And we realized that in that simple fact was the answer.

As former congressional staffers, we don’t have many skills, but we know how Congress works. We thought we could demystify congress and give people the practical information they needed to resist effectively. We knew a model of success. Stripping away the Tea Party’s racism and violence, we saw as staffers that local defensive congressional advocacy worked. And we knew progressives could use it to win.

We started drafting a guide to congressional advocacy, pulling in friends and colleagues along the way. Our message was simple: Trump’s agenda doesn’t depend on Trump. It depends on whether your Members of Congress choose to go along with it or resist. And that gives constituents real power, because every Member of Congress cares more about their own reelection than enacting Trump’s agenda.


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