Here's How You Could Actually Lead, Donald...

Updated: Apr 4

Guest Post by Robert Best

I hesitate to suggest anything that might be helpful to Trump. But, since he listens to only himself, I’m not too worried.

Donald, here’s how you could actually lead…

1. Stop Being Partisan. You keep accusing the Democrats of twisting everything into a partisan knot. But, you are the one entwining the threads of every conversation and yanking them tight. Loosen up. Tell everyone you are going to be completely non-partisan from now on, then do it.

2. Stop Tweeting. This may have worked for you in prior years, but it’s undermining you now. When you stumble into a positive accomplishment, you Tweet it away within 24 hours. We know you can't help it, but just try. Maybe count to ten or eat a cheeseburger whenever you get the urge to Tweet.

3. Be Quiet. Like most egomaniacs, you think you sound wonderful when you talk. You don’t. You are barely coherent, and you have little useful to say. Admit it. Stand to side. Let the experts speak.

4. Apologize. Tell America you blew it when you did not believe the virus was coming here back in January. Promise to work as diligently as you can to catch up. Mea culpa.

5. Don’t Blame Anybody. Obama left office three years ago. The Democrats are actually working with the Republicans in Congress to get us out of this mess. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are light years smarter than you are. Don’t fight them; embrace them all. Publicly. The buck stops with you; it doesn’t get shoved into your wallet.

6. Work with All the Governors. In the leadership vacuum you have created, the governors are shouldering the burden. Support them all, not just the ones in red or purple states. Don’t criticize them, even if they criticize you. Rise above it. Stun ‘em.

7. Really Go To War on the Virus. Unleash the power you have for a full-frontal assault on the virus. No more half-measures, delays and unfulfilled promises. Mobilize everything we have … CDC, FDA, military, corporate America, other countries, Bert and Ernie … anything we’ve got.

For the first time in your life just act large, not small.

Oops! I went one step too far. This fantasy is over. Back to the nightmare.

The reality is … You can’t lead. You have never followed. And, your head is too swollen for you to get out of the way.

-- Robert Best, Indivisible Evanston WI Voter Registration Project


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