IE Newsletter: March 23-29, 2020

Updated: May 8

Read our weekly newsletter for actions you can take from home to help the Wisconsin Democrats GOTV for their April 7 primary, including making calls to voters, sending postcards, and staffing their voter protection hotlines. Take care and stay healthy!

Dear Evanston Indivisibles, 

We hope that everyone is doing well under the current circumstances, and adjusting to life under our governor's stay at home order. We know it's hard, especially for those of us with kids home from local schools and colleges, or for those of us with health or other conditions that make us more vulnerable. But we have also seen an amazing response in our Evanston community, and nationwide by citizens, mayors and governors to make everyone's health and safety a priority during this pandemic. We are particularly grateful to all the healthcare providers and workers on the frontline of this fight against COVID-19.

Only a month ago, we thought we'd be in the middle of a busy primary season canvassing and registering voters both here in Illinois and up in Wisconsin. Life has certainly changed drastically in the past week since you got our last newsletter. We've had to shift our organizing and activism strategy and resources accordingly, and are working hard with a broad range of Indivisible groups and other organizations to provide you with as many "at home activism" actions you can take, including virtual phone banking, text banking, writing postcards and letters, and submitting videos and letters to the editor. As they do for us, we hope that these actions help give you a sense of hope and purpose during this challenging time.

For the next few weeks, our focus will be on reaching voters in Wisconsin before their April 7 primary election, which the state is still planning to hold on-site. According to recent news reports, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald both reiterated last Friday that they want the election to proceed as scheduled. Evers has urged voters to cast ballots absentee, and requests have already set a record for a Wisconsin spring election: “We understand these are challenging times, but currently we have no plans to change the rules while voting is already underway,” Fitzgerald said in a statement. “It seems like leadership from both parties recognizes that April 7th should be Election Day.”

We appreciate your understanding that we're volunteer grassroots organizers and are doing our best to keep up to date with this change in our important work that we need to do in this election year. That said,  please refer to the resources below for the best information about the local, state and national response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for taking the time to help us with these actions you can take from home. Right now, they are just as important as our in person events in terms of making a difference. We look forward to getting through this crisis stronger and more determined than ever to get back to work in person and to help elect representatives to the House, Senate and White House who are prepared to lead us through these challenging times. Stay safe, well, and indivisible.

In solidarity and resistance,

Indivisible Evanston Leadership Team

Kathleen, Laura, Leslye, Rosie Steve and Susan



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