Impeach & Remove Rally: A Cold and Inspiring Night in December

Indivisible Evanston's Rally on a very chilly Impeachment Eve 12/17 was successful due to many factors...

- Our incredible City of Evanston police force who closed off traffic and watched over us to keep our attendees safe - crowd estimate: 500+

- Our powerful speakers who engaged and energized the audience. Many thanks to:

  • Hon. Daniel Biss, Board member, Reform For Illinois

  • IL State Senator Laura Fine

  • Cam Davis 4 Us Metropolitan Water

Reclamation District, Commissioner MWRD

  • Dr. Michael Nabors, President Evanston/North Shore Branch NAACP, Pastor, Second Baptist Evanston

  • Jill Wine-Banks, MSNBC Legal Analyst & former Watergate Prosecutor

- And last but not least all the Evanstonians who braved the cold windy evening to show their support as the House conducts their constitutional duty.

#NotAboveTheLaw #ImpeachmentEve #Demcast #indivisible #IndivisibleIL


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