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Chicago Tribune

11/19/18: Hundreds rally in Evanston 'to protect Mueller investigation' following Sessions firing as attorney general (Evanston Review)

Chicago Reader

10/28/19: Chicago Trump Protest Slideshow

The Daily Northwestern

2/19/20: Underwood campaigns for re-election support at Indivisible Evanston event

2/17/20: The Ripple: Evanston residents, organizations mobilize for state, local elections

1/29/20: Evanston residents travel out of state to impact elections

1/20/20: Evanston residents attend 2020 Chicago Women’s March

1/12/20: Evanston political leaders share impeachment attitudes

1/9/20: Indivisible Evanston protests Trump, military action in Middle East

1/6/20:Evanston residents rally against Trump’s acquittal

11/6/19: Students protest Jeff Sessions’ speech, police presence

11/5/19: Evanston residents respond to presidential impeachment inquiry

10/22/19: MSNBC contributor, local activist push voter turnout in 2020

10/3/19: Evanston political groups highlight major issues for 2020 election

10/3/19: Illinois improves election security for 2020 election

9/24/19: Illinois politicians favor impeachment proceedings

5/8/19: Panelists discuss universal healthcare at Indivisible Evanston meeting

11/9/18: Hundreds march through Evanston, protest Trump’s firing of Sessions

5/17/18: Evanston residents advocate for ratification of ERA in Illinois

4/3/18: Evanston, North Shore residents protest gun violence at March For Our Lives

1/22/18: Evanston residents advocate for political, social change at Women’s March

4/20/17: Local representatives encourage political engagement in residents



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