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It's A Murder Mystery...

Guest post by Robert Best

It’s a murder mystery.

What excuse or diversion is Trump going to use next to dodge any responsibility for completely botching the virus crisis?

Right now it’s … “Nobody could have predicted this!”

Hmmm. Which person in the entire world has the most access to the greatest amount of intelligence from the leading sources of information on this planet? Which person has the greatest control over the brightest minds, smartest epidemiologists, most experienced logisticians, and savviest communication specialists anywhere? Who leads the free world and should be seizing the initiative, not running from it?

Since this is a mystery, I’m not giving you the answer.

And, amid the pain and suffering of this epic global tragedy, who would be insensitive enough to pause and incorrectly claimed to be the most popular person on Facebook? Maybe this really is a reality TV show after all, and people are not actually “dying.” The medical personnel risking their lives to stem the horror are just actors. We are all just waiting for the season ending cliffhanger. Gee, maybe Trump will reveal everything in his next Tweet!

To borrow an observation from his last campaign/press conference, it’s all very “interesting.”


The popular phrase for Trump’s completely inappropriate Facebook commentary is “tone deaf.” In Trump’s case, though, he’s taken it to a new level … he’s “stone deaf.”

But, he gave us a clue to the mystery through this bit of clumsy misdirection. Trump’s tale is anything but “interesting.” It's morose. It’s sad. It’s truly tragic. He has actually become the one thing a chintzy celebrity cannot risk becoming ... “uninteresting.”

His routine is getting tiresome. His complete lack of empathy is old news. His inability to grasp the gravity of events is no longer surprising.

So, it’s not much of a murder mystery after all. It’s hardly “interesting.” Sorry.

The obvious suspect is guilty, and it’s time for us all to turn to another channel.

-- Robert Best, Guest

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