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Newsletter: April 13-19, 2020

Dear Evanston Indivisibles,

We hope this newsletter finds you safe, healthy, and well, and that you're able to care for and be cared for by loved ones in person or virtually. We are so grateful to all of our volunteers.

We are thrilled to share this good news and victory with our Indivisible Evanston community! We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Judge Jill Karofsky on her victoryand a huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers who put in the time to reach out to Wisconsinites by registering voters, writing (47,500!) postcards, hosting postcard parties, delivering postcards to WI, making phone calls, sending texts, staffing the WI Voter Protection hotline, canvassing (when we could) and reaching out to WI friends and family. Every single action YOU took up until the polls closed on the primary election day helped do this. The tide is turning. This has positive impact both for voting rights in Wisconsin and nationally on the November election and beyond. We can and will help turn Wisconsin blue again in November.So let's celebrate tonight and get back to work tomorrow!

Three key messages for this week:

1. Join our very first virtual Zoom conference meeting on April 14 at 7pm. The theme of the meeting is: "Ensuring Safe, Secure Elections During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond."

  • See below for registration info (limited to 100 people so sign up ASAP!). We've got some powerful speakers lined up...including Indivisible Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors Ezra Levin & Leah Greenberg!

2. Our focus is now "At Home Activism.

  •  You can find these opportunities to take action listed here weekly, on our Facebook page, and on our Indivisible Evanston websiteAs they do for us, we hope that these at home actions help give you a sense of hope and purpose during this pandemic.

3. April 17: Indivisible's Vote By Mail Day of Action

Be well and hang in there. And thank you again for all your help in and with Wisconsin!

In solidarity and resistance,

Indivisible Evanston Leadership Team

Kathleen, Laura, Leslye, Rosie, Steve and Susan



Recommended Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources:

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