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Phone Banking: VA Neighborhood Letters

Phone Banking: VA Neighborhood Letters

☎️ Calling all phone bankers! Our friends at Postcards to Swing States and Progressive Turnout Project need our help making phone calls to postcard writers in Virginia! The goal of these calls is to recruit them to deliver personalized letters to their neighbors ahead of the upcoming VA primary elections on June 8th. We're only calling volunteers who have written postcards with us, so they're very friendly and it's so much fun connecting with them! 📬 Why Letters? The idea of these "neighborhood letters" is to provide a template letter so that any volunteer in a 2022 battleground district or State can personalize, print out and deliver to the doors of likely Democrats in their neighborhood to increase turnout. It's basically what precinct captains for the Party should be doing (and in some cases actually do). 🤔 Questions? Click HERE for more information about the Virginia Neighborhood Letters program, or check out this video from organizer Reid McCollum. Postcards to Swing States and Progressive Turnout Project will be measuring the effectiveness of this exciting tactic in Virginia, and they hope to expand it to every competitive House and Senate race nationwide in 2022. We need to help them recruit about 750 additional volunteers in Virginia to really measure its impact. So please sign up to help! 🙌 Interested? Yay! All you need to do is to sign up and Postcards to Swing States will follow up and get you set up to make calls from home around your schedule. We'll give you a script and all the information you need. They will also be doing some Zoom phone banks soon, so stay tuned. Additional questions: Contact Reid McCollum with Postcards to Swing States.

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