Postcards to Wisconsin Update

Updated: Apr 2

We are thrilled to report that the Postcards to Wisconsin campaign hit their goal to send 600,000 postcards to voters in Wisconsin ahead of their April 7 primary election. According to our postcarding maven Rosie Rees, Indivisible Evanston has written 47,500 postcards to Wisconsin (almost 10% of the total cards!), thanks to the help of so many of you amazing postcard writers!

Next up, the goal is to send 2 million postcards to voters in Wisconsin AND Michigan - also a critical swing state in November. Right now, we need donations to start printing and distributing the next wave of cards, which we estimate will start going out in May. Please make a donationif you can -- even $10 helps reach 194 more voters!

In light of Governor Pritzker’s Stay-at-Home order, we want to let you know that we are still planning to bring the postcards you have already delivered to Rosie and will mail them up in Wisconsin. The rest of this message is for anyone who is storing completed postcards to mail on March 31st, or who still has postcards that remain unwritten.

If you fall in NEITHER category, you can STOP READING and go wash your hands instead (again). If you are so inclined, you can still return completed and stamped postcards to Rosie per the instruction sheet you received with the postcards. If you do not wish to drive to Rosie's house or anywhere else, you may put any completed, stamped postcards you have in a local mailbox within walking distance from your home.

If you don't wish to drive, and a local mailbox is not within walking distance, contact Rosie and she will arrange for your postcards to be picked up ( as long as you are within a reasonable distance from her home and you can place them outside your door).

If you are planning to mail your cards yourself, please mail them on March 31st or April 1st. Be sure to proofread them to ensure they are stamped, have a complete address, and that the first name in the salutation and in the address are the same. 


EmailRosie Rees or text or call her at 847-219-6708 to make arrangements for drop off or pick up your postcards. Thanks for all you do!



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