Take Action for Climate Change

Updated: Apr 2

Having angst about Climate Change especially in the era of Trump? Indivisible is all about pushing our Members of Congress to take action & here's how to do so on Climate Change...

The Action: Email Senators Duckworth & Durbin to co-sponsor the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763 & S. 3791). This is a weekly action that can be done using your computer or your cell phone.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is a co-sponsor of this Bi-partisan legislation. Learn about the legislation here.

We'll use Citizens' Climate Lobby's web tool to easily & quickly send the emails...follow the instructions below and the visual images to the left.

This is legislation that Indivisible Evanston's Climate Change Work Group had been educating our members on since February.

1. Select your phone or computer's internet browser and search for Citizens' Climate Lobby.

2. If on your CELL phone, click on the three Blue Bars in upper right "Menu," then scroll down the BLACK screen to

"Take Action," then click on "Write Your Representative."

If on your COMPUTER, go to "Write Congress".

3. Follow the steps in the instruction sheet to the left.

Persistent emailing makes a difference! Do this action weekly or every time you hear a distressing climate crisis story. Thank you for taking action on climate change!



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