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Wisconsin 2023 State Supreme Court Election: How to Get Involved!

Updated: Jan 18

"Arguably the most important election in America in 2023" -- New York Times, January 16, 2023

Our favorite battleground state, Wisconsin, is not waiting until 2024 to have all eyes on the outcome of its next election! The April 2023 election will determine the balance of power in its state Supreme Court. Mark your calendars and join us on Tuesday, February 7th at 6:45 PM (new time!) to kick off our 2023 meetings with a focus on our priorities for the upcoming year, especially this race in Wisconsin. This election will be one of our most important priorities in the first quarter of 2023, and we will be sharing actions we can take to support the WisDems and other groups working on this race at our February 7th meeting.

Our featured (and one of our favorite!) speaker will be Ben Wikler, the acclaimed chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Ben will give us the lowdown on the state of the race for the upcoming state Supreme Court election, which the NYT recently described as "A Colossal Off-Year Election" and Politico calls one of the four big election storylines for 2023. With the primary coming up in February, the time is NOW to help out!

Why Is This Election Important?

If you didn’t know Wisconsin has another election coming up, you are not alone. Right now, conservatives control the state's supreme court by a 4-3 majority, but with the conservative Chief Justice retiring, we have the opportunity to flip the court and make real progress for Wisconsinites. Conservatives on the state Supreme Court have handed down some of the most damaging voting rights decisions nationwide just in the past year (anyone remember ballot dropboxes or the abandonment of fairer maps?). So, a more progressive court will also help protect voting rights in 2024, which will have national implications on the outcome of the next Presidential Election. There are currently four candidates running for two slots in April, so at least one progressive judge needs to move forward after the February primary for there to be a chance to flip the court.

And after Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, the court was a hair's breadth from throwing out hundreds of thousands of validly-cast ballots and flipping the state to Donald Trump—that only didn’t happen because one conservative justice voted with the progressives on the court to uphold the fundamental democratic premise that all legally voted ballots should count. This is our chance to change all that and secure a progressive majority!

The election is in less than 90 days, and the primary is on February 21, so the time is NOW to take action! There are many ways we can help out by making calls, sending texts, and writing postcards. And WisDems are kicking off their 2023 Voter Protection program on Thursday, January 19th, at 6pm CT on Zoom. Ben Wikler will talk through the plan to flip the court, and why Voter Protection work is once again at the forefront of our fight for democracy in Wisconsin.

See below for more ways to help out with Voter Protection in Wisconsin, like making calls to recruit poll observers. These are friendly calls to previous volunteers! And IL residents can also sign up to be poll observers ourselves (different than poll workers who have to be WI residents), as well as work the Voter Protection Hotline. Join the Jan 19 meeting or check back here for more information about signing up! You can also sign up to contact Wisconsin voters about the importance of this election and to make sure they are registered and ready to vote:

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