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 This year, it's not enough to vote. This year, we have to ACT.

We're working to win back Wisconsin and keep our gains in Illinois.  

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Actions You Can Take to Help Win Wisconsin 2020!

Why Wisconsin?

President Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, Trump won Wisconsin by fewer than 23K votes. All predictive lists concur that Wisconsin, with just 10 electoral votes, could easily be the state that determines the 2020 presidential winner; our boots on the ground are needed to flip it! Wisconsin is a short drive away!

Click the Black Buttons below to sign up to canvass, postcard, phone bank & register voters for WI!

Actions You Can Take to Keep Illinois True Blue in 2020!

Register voters, work on on the Casten (IL-6) & Underwood (IL-14) campaigns for congress, &  other actions as they develop. 

Links will be added as actions become available.

Indivisible Evanston organizes a number of voter registration opportunities in Chicagoland. No need to be a deputy registrar! 

Help Marie Newman win (IL-3) over incumbent DINO Dan Lipinski in the primary. Links will be added as actions become available.

March 21: Sean Casten for Congress (IL-6) Interactive Workshop to prepare 

volunteers for 2020 race.

Indivisible Evanston Book Club: March 3, 7 - 9pm 
Page 1 Books, 1808 Central Street, Evanston

Please join us March 3 at Page 1 Books from 7 - 9pm for a discussion of :

“Don’t Think of An Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate,” by George Lakoff. 

Support independent bookstores and order your book through our host, Page 1 Books, 1808 Central Street, Evanston. You can also support Page 1 by ordering your audio version from To order for pickup, contact Page 1 Books by phone or email.

Discussion will be moderated by IE Co-Leader Laura Tanner Swinand.

Drinks & dinner provided by Bruce King of IE and Page 1.


Feb 18 Meeting: 165+ packed standing room only to hear a Congressional Update from Rep. Lauren Underwood, our Keynote + Actions to Win Wisconsin in 2020!
Thank you to Rep. Underwood & her staff!

Thank you to Rep. Lauren Underwood for the Congressional update she presented. We are big fans or Rep. Underwood. For the midterms we  for we wrote postcards (16K), phone banked and sent 125  canvassers in support of her midterm election in 2018. In 2020 with YOUR help we'll keep Rep. Underwood in office. Check out this website as phone bank & canvassing actions are added!

We also highlighted all our many actions to turn WI BLUE - there's something for everyone:

- Postcards: Our volunteers have already written 25K & we need to write another 15K more before the April 7 primary.

 - Voter registration: Our volunteers have registered over 1,400 voters 

 - Phone bank: we've made 1,000 calls to recruit volunteers in WI to canvass & phone bank

 - Canvassing: Over 200 canvassers have been sent to WI since August!

SIGN UP for activities to turn WI BLUE and for our work to keep IL BLUE (see links above).

If you missed our Jan 21 meeting, watch our FB livestream here
THANKS TO OUR FEATURED SPEAKERS: U. S. Congressman Sean Casten & Dr. Peter Gann

Congressman Sean Casten (IL-6),  Peter Gann,  MD, ScD &

the Indivisible Evanston Leadership team.

Happy Holidays from your Indivisible Evanston


Kathleen, Laura, Leslye, Rosie, Steve & Susan

Click on the video to view all the activities, events, meetings & rallies Indivisible Evanston members participated in 2019.


Many thanks to our members and volunteers for everything you did in's to a great, big BLUE 2020!

Thanks to Stargate's "Rise Up" featuring Nelson Mandela for the inspiring music!

Indivisible Evanston's Rally on a very chilly Impeachment Eve 12/17 was successful due to many factors...

- Our incredible City of Evanston police force who closed off traffic and watched over us to keep our attendees safe - crowd estimate: 500+

- Our powerful speakers who engaged and energized the audience. Many thanks to:

  • Hon. Daniel Biss, Board member, Reform For Illinois

  • IL State Senator Laura Fine

  • Cam Davis 4 Us Metropolitan Water

Reclamation District, Commissioner MWRD

  • Dr. Michael Nabors, President Evanston/North Shore Branch NAACP, Pastor, Second Baptist Evanston

  • Jill Wine-Banks, MSNBC Legal Analyst & former Watergate Prosecutor

- And last but not least all the Evanstonians who braved the cold windy evening to show their support as the House conducts their constitutional duty.

#NotAboveTheLaw #ImpeachmentEve #Demcast #indivisible #IndivisibleIL

2019 Holiday Potluck Celebration
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
So appreciative of our members who canvassed, registered voters,
phone banked, wrote letters, rallied and
participated in our work groups on Climate Change, Election Integrity & Healthcare
Great attendance at 10/22 meeting: 175+
Many thanks to our speakers, Willie Shaw, NAACP - Evanston/North Shore Branch &
Jill Wine-Banks, MSNBC Legal Analyst & Former Watergate Prosecutor
Actions & Activities  in late September 2019: 
Highlights - Great attendance at 9/24 meeting!
Many thanks to our speakers, Felesia Martin, WI Dems & Marie Newman, IL-3 Candidate

August 5 Meeting:  Standing Room Only:

Listening to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Standing room only as 150+ Indivisible Evanston members came to hear Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky give an update at our August 5 meeting. Thank you, Jan for candidly addressing a range of questions and for ending with a rousing call to action!

Missed the meeting? Watch our Facebook livestream here

Climate Change Action: Email Senators Duckworth & Durbin to Co-Sponsor The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763)

Having angst about Climate Change especially in the era of Trump? Indivisible is all about pushing our Members of Congress to take action & here's how to do so on Climate Change...

The Action: Email Senators Duckworth & Durbin to co-sponsor the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763 & S. 3791). This is a weekly action that can be done using your computer or your cell phone.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is a co-sponsor of this Bi-partisan legislation. Learn about the legislation here.

We'll use Citizens' Climate Lobby's web tool to easily & quickly send the emails...follow the instructions below and the visual images to the left.

This is legislation that Indivisible Evanston's Climate Change Work Group had been educating our members on since February.

1. Select your phone or computer's internet browser and search for Citizens' Climate Lobby

2. If on your CELL phone, click on the three Blue Bars in upper right "Menu," then scroll down the BLACK screen to
"Take Action," then click on "Write Your Representative."
If on your COMPUTER, go to "Write Congress".

3. Follow the steps in the instruction sheet to the left.

Persistent emailing makes a difference! Do this action weekly or every time you hear a distressing climate crisis story.

Thank you for taking action on climate change!

Packed June 18 Meeting: "Fighting for Election Integrity...Before It's Too Late"

Thank you to the approximately 100 people who attended our June 18th group meeting, which focused on “Election Integrity.” 


This informative meeting was conducted jointly with Common Cause Illinois. Jay Young, its Executive Director, discussed the impacts of H.R. 1 and the 2020 Census on fairer elections. Georgia Logothetis, the Assistant Executive Director, covered the history of election financing in the U.S. and the importance of fair election financing reform.


The meeting ended with a review of other Indivisible Evanston election integrity projects, including Risk Limiting Audits, Abolishing the Electoral College and our program to help Chicago area college students register to vote in their home swing states. 


At the end of the meeting, we explained the impeachment process and related issues, asking all members to complete our survey on impeachment options. Missed the meeting? Not a problem! You can watch the live stream HERE.


Informative May 7 Meeting:  "Road to Universal Healthcare: ACA to Medicare for All"

Many thanks to our speakers: Leslie Combs, District Director for Rep. Jan Schakowsky's office; John Perryman, MD of Physicians for a National Health Program; and Graciela Guzman, Coalition Director for Protect Our Care - IL.


The room was packed and audience members asked many informed questions. Thank you to Indivisible Evanston's Healthcare Work Group for organizing the meeting.

The meeting was live-streamed on Facebook if you missed it.

Read more on our BLOG.

Indivisible Evanston's Climate Change Work Group Lobbies in Springfield 

On May 9, we met with Senator Laura Fine, Senator Julie Morrison and

Rep. Robyn Gabel at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield!


Sen. Fine & Rep. Gabel signed our Carbon Pricing Endorsement which we will be presenting to Senators Duckworth & Durbin to ask them to lead on “Putting a Price on Carbon Emissions” as a key policy concept in reducing the risks of climate change. Pricing Carbon will significantly reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, grow the economy, save lives and protect households from higher energy prices. Read more on our BLOG.

April 2 Meeting: "Climate Change Legislation: What's Next?"

Panelists and Indivisible Evanston Co-Leaders: Mike Zanillo, Laura Tanner Swinand, (IE) Commissioner Cam Davis, Kathleen Long (IE), Regina Gomez, MD, Jennifer Linton and Alderman Eleanor Revelle.

The Parasol Room was packed at the Loraine Morton Civic Center for our April 2 Climate Change Legislation Forum.  Thank you to our featured speakers, and the 75 attendees including our members and organizations such as Citizens' Climate Lobby, Climate Reality Project, League of Women Voters and Citizens Greener Evanston! Read more on our BLOG.

Image: Jen Wilde @sogayjen

OPERATION ACTIVATION: January 19 - 22, 2019
>> Indivisible Evanston Food & Clothing Drive <<

This year, Women's March Chicago called for a day of service rather than holding a march and rally. Indivisible Evanston, in response to this call to service, collected food and clothing Connections for the Homeless, an Evanston based organization.

Thank you to all who donated two carloads of non-perishable food items and gently worn clothing 

Check Out the New Indivisible Guides for 2019!
Indivisible On The Offense

Here’s to a new year! And though we’re still mired in Trumpworld, we can be thankful and proud of our work and accomplishments in 2018: Democratic control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Sean Casten’s and Lauren Underwood’s midterm victories, a Democratic governor and a supermajority in the IL state legislature, gun reform bills signed by Governor Bruce Rauner, and Illinois' passage of the ERA,  to name a few. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Our Guide page gives more details on Indivisible's new direction, Indivisible on the Offense!

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