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We did it! In 2020 we took back the White House, the Senate, and kept our majority in the House. In 2022, we worked hard on the Midterms and helped hold the Senate, hold House seats in IL and MI, and helped Democratic Governors in WI and MI win. Join Indivisible Evanston and help us work together in 2024 to defeat Trump.  Scroll down for information about how you can get involved today !


Our amazing postcard team has helped to get out the vote by writing postcards to voters in states and districts with important, competitive races. In Spring 2023, we wrote postcards to remind 50,000 Wisconsin voters to head to the polls to protect reproductive freedoms, workers' rights, and voting rights in the state Supreme Court race. And they did! In 2024 we will be writing 300,000 postcards to six swing states! Pick up begins April 22nd.  Mailing date October 24th Sign up Here 



Many of us were inspired to join Indivisible after the 2016 election and first Women's March in 2017. Since 2017, Indivisible Evanston members have led and participated in many marches, rallies and protests for causes important to us and against the right wing extremism that threatens our progressive values. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and email mailing list, so you will to be the first to be notified about any upcoming rallies, marches or protests here in Evanston or in Chicago.



Registering voters is a big part of our activism. From 2017-2019, we registered voters in person. Due to Covid-19, we took our voter registration online, contacting 200,00 voters by phone and text in 2020. In 2022 we registered voters in person and online in Illinois Wisconsin and in Illinois to make sure they ready to go to the polls for the November Midterm Election. In 2023, we registered voters in person and online ahead of the Wisconsin spring election and important Supreme Court race. In 2024 we are expanding our voter registration activities.  Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on our in-person voter registration events!


Join us to help TOTV (Text Out The Vote) for important elections! The Indivisible Chicago Alliance Texting Team reached hundreds of thousands of voters in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia in 2020 & 2022 to make sure they had a plan and everything they needed to vote for Democrats. In 2023, we texted for the  Wisconsin Supreme Court election and helped lead to a historic turnout and progressive victory! In 2024 we have already started texting for the primaries and the 2024 election. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming texting campaigns.

Text Banking


Our June meeting covered canvassing basics and how easy it is to make a difference. We also held in person canvassing training in Evanston July 17th. Read our newsletter for more canvassing training and canvassing opporunities.


Phone banking is a great way to connect with voters during important elections and technology makes it easier than ever to do at home. Right now, we are supporting WisDems by making calls with them reach out to Wisconsin voters. Training and support provided on Zooms! Or sign up for our newsletter and the Indivisible Chicago Alliance to be notified about current phone banking opportunities when they are planned.


One of the important ways that Indivisible volunteers connect with voters is through door-to-door canvassing and in-person conversations. Sign up for our newsletter and the Indivisible Chicago Alliance list to be notified about current phone banking opportunities when they are planned. 


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Represent Indivisible Evanston when you're taking action or just out & about by wearing one of our t-shirts or hoodies! You can customize your shirt style, size and color (even baby onesies!), and also purchase all sorts of other official merchandise from our online shop. It will be shipped right to your door!

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