We did it! In 2020 we took back the White House, the Senate, and kept our majority in the House. And in 2022, we're going to work hard to win BIG and BLUE again this November! Join Indivisible Evanston and help us work together to build a better country for all.  Scroll down for information about how you can get involved today !


Ready to reach out to voters and make an immediate impact? Try phone banking! We provide you with training the script and you do the rest. We meet on Zoom and provide support and community


The Indivisible Chicago Alliance is once again calling Wisconsin voters on "Wisconsin Wednesdays." They've teamed up with WisDems to reach voters who lean Democratic but don't always vote. You'll be calling voters to emphasize the importance of voting in 2022, encouraging them to apply for mail-in ballots, answering questions when we can, and directing them to WisDems' excellent voter hotline. 

If you've phonebanked with Indivisible Chicago before, you'll find the same friendly format, the same leaders and resources, and the same gang of committed volunteers.

We are also calling Wisconsin voters with Rust Belt Rising to follow up on voter registration forms mailed to people who have recently moved. These "chase" calls are very important to make sure WI voters are ready to vote in November! 

And we are also sharing links to sign up to make calls for key IL House races -- currently Lauren Underwood in IL-14.


Sending handwritten postcards is a great way to reach out to voters and encourage them to get out to the polls and vote! Postcarders, dust off those pens and get out your stamps!  We are currently writing postcards to crucial Senate races in WI, PA and GA. We've completed our campaign to write to IL voters who are voting on two open IL state Supreme Court seats.

The postcards will still be free for volunteers, you just need to write them and provide postage. Sign up to pick up cards at two Evanston locations. Thanks so much for your support, and for fighting for democracy, one postcard at a time!



Are you eager to reach out to voters...but not so keen about talking on the phone? Then join the Indivisible Chicago Alliance Texting Team and help us reach voters, one text message at a time! In 2020, we sent 1.5M texts to voters and helped elect Biden and turn MI, WI, PA, AZ and GA back to blue with our efforts!


We will be texting for IL congressional races, as well as for the Senate races in Wisconsin and other critical states. If you want to be part of this amazing team, click on the links below today to see all of our current texting events, and make sure you are signed up as a texting volunteer to be the first to know when we have new texting events coming up.


IE Oct  2022 Meeting   (1).png

Join us on Zoom on 10/11 for our October 2022 meeting, "One Month To Win!" Our featured speaker will be our very own Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and some exciting Wisconsin speakers TBA!

We'll also get updates our 2022 Midterms organizers and partners, so you can do your part to help Dems win on November 8! And make sure to check out our calendar or Events page to sign up for something today! We have canvassing, phone banks, text banks, postcards and voter registration events that you can sign up for now.

With early voting starting soon, and mail ballots starting to go out -- it's already time to GOTV -- get out the vote! So make sure to sign up for something today! We have canvassing, phone banks, text banks, postcards and voter registration events that you can sign up for now. Let's all do our part to win BIG and BLUE in 2022!



Since 2017, Indivisible Evanston members have led and participated in many marches and rallies for causes important to us. Many of us were inspired to join Indivisible after the first Women's March in 2017. Most recently, we marched in Chicago to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade and in response to the recent mass shooting in Texas. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter and email mailing list, so you will to be the first to be notified about any upcoming rallies, marches or protests here in Evanston or in Chicago. 



One of the ways Indivisible connects with voters is through door-to-door canvassing and in-person conversations. We deployed hundreds of volunteers to swing districts and nearby states in 2018-19. While we were not able to canvass in 2020, we are ready to hit the streets again for the 2022 Midterms. We're heading back up to WI and into IL House districts that need our help. As part of the Indivisible Chicago Alliance, we are partnering with them on canvassing and encourage our members to sign up with them!



Registering voters is a big part of our activism. From 2017-2019, we registered voters in person. Due to Covid-19, we took our voter registration online, and partnered with Rust Belt Rising for our WI and MI Voter Registration Project, contacting 200,00 voters by phone and text! 


In 2022, our voter registration work is up and running and making sure voters are ready to go to the polls for our November Midterm Election.are now offering voter registration opportunities in Wisconsin and here in Illinois,both in person and by calling and texting voters to remind them to register. Sign up NOW to help us turn out the BLUE vote in November! And don't forget to check your own voter registration!



Looking for great book suggestions about the issues you care about, and an inviting group with whom you can talk about the books you read? Look no further than the Indivisible Evanston Book Group!


Our Book Group is on hiatus, but you can catch up with our 2020-21 selections and additional recommendations with our online Book Shop!


Best of all, 10% of all purchases benefit Indivisible Evanston!

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