We did it! In 2020 we took back the White House, the Senate, and kept our majority in the House. And in 2022, we're going to work hard to win BIG and BLUE again this November! Join Indivisible Evanston and help us work together to build a better country for all.  Scroll down for information about how you can get involved today !


Ready to reach out to voters and make an immediate impact? Try phone banking! We provide you with training the script and you do the rest. We meet on Zoom and provide support and community


The Indivisible Chicago Alliance has partnered with Common Cause to host these phone banks supporting voting rights and freedoms. We want legislation to end partisan gerrymandering, expand and protect everyone's right to vote, limit the role of big money in our politics, and hold elected officials to high ethical standards. It's a crucial counter to the voter suppression efforts underway across the country.

We're calling voters in key target states such as West Virginia and Nevada, asking them to call their senators to support this legislation whatever it takes. We'll give you all the tools and training you need to engage people and connect them directly with their senators' offices. If you've phonebanked with Indivisible Chicago before, you'll find the same friendly format, the same leaders and resources, and the same gang of committed volunteers. Sign up below!


Sending handwritten postcards is a great way to reach out to voters and encourage them to get out to the polls and vote! Postcarders, dust off those pens and get out your stamps!  We will be writing 30,000  "Democrats Deliver" cards to Georgia and Nevada voters, thanking them for voting in 2020 and encouraging them to vote in 2022. The sign up to pick up postcards will be posted very soon!

The postcards will still be free for volunteers, but for this campaign we are responsible for printing costs. We'd be grateful for any contributions toward the printing costs for these cards. You can make a donation by clicking on the link below.  Thanks so much for your support, and for fighting for democracy, one postcard at a time!



Are you eager to reach out to voters...but not so keen about talking on the phone? Then join the Indivisible Chicago Alliance Texting Team and help us reach voters, one text message at a time! In 2020, We texted with with the national Indivisible texting program, IndivisiText, and with the Democratic Parties of Wisconsin and Michigan to get out the vote. And we helped flip MI, WI, PA, AZ and GA back to blue with our efforts!


The ICA asked our Texting Team to send 600,000 texts to voters by November 3. Our volunteers  blew past that and delivered 1,500,000 (!!!), more than doubling the goal. And our volunteers helped GOTV for the Georgia runoffs, helping us win those Senate seats and majority! If you want to be part of this amazing team, sign up for our newsletter today for texting updates.


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Join us for our Indivisible Evanston monthly meetings, featuring a diverse group of speakers addressing topics that educate and inspire us to continue our organizing and activism.On April 12, we're having a special Intergenerational Meeting with Indivisible Northwestern, Etown Sunrise and HeadCountAll generations struggle with activism, and we all need to step outside of our comfort zones to preserve our freedoms, democracy and the planet. With activism and voting, we can fight for the things that matter to all of us. Hear what inspires and motivates us, and be ready to learn, listen, and engage in this interactive meeting.

Registration is required and meetings will continue to be on Zoom until further notice.



Indivisible Evanston members have led and participated in many marches and rallies for causes important to us. Many of us were inspired to join Indivisible after the first Women's March. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be the first to know about any upcoming rallies and marches!

Stay tuned for upcoming marches!


One of the ways Indivisible connects with voters is through door-to-door canvassing and in-person conversations. We deployed hundreds of volunteers to swing districts and nearby states in 2018-19. While we are not currently organizing any canvassing caravans, we are gearing up for the 2022 Midterms as we speak and will (fingers crossed) be heading up to WI and into IL House districts that need our help. For more information and to make sure that you'll hear about our upcoming canvassing programs, please click below and sign up for our newsletter!



Registering voters is a big part of our activism. From 2017-2019, we registered voters in person. Due to Covid-19, we took our voter registration online, and partnered with Rust Belt Rising for our WI and MI Voter Registration Project, contacting 200,00 voters by phone and text! 


The 2022 Midterms are just around the corner, and we're e are now offering voter registration opportunities in Wisconsin and in Illinois with our own IE Voter Registration team as well as other opportunities with the group ILVote. Don't forget to check your own registration!



Looking for great book suggestions about the issues you care about, and an inviting group with whom you can talk about the books you read? Look no further than the Indivisible Evanston Book Group!


Our Book Group is on hiatus, but you can catch up with our 2020-21 selections and additional recommendations with our online Book Shop!


Best of all, 10% of all purchases benefit Indivisible Evanston!

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