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2020 Census: Complete It Today!

Get counted so you are represented. Complete the 2020 Census ASAP!

  • It's quick and easy. The 2020 Census questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to complete.

  • It's safe, secure, and confidential. Your information and privacy are protected.

  • Your response helps to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services.

  • Results from the 2020 Census will be used to determine the number of seats each state has in Congress and your political representation at all levels of government.

Issue: According to a court filing the U.S. Census Bureau is ending the 2020 head count early by a month so that the process for calculating the number of people used for redrawing congressional districts takes place on President Donald Trump’s watch. Read about the controversy here: "Cities: Census ending early so counting is on Trump's watch"

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