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Join us for Team Sean Casten Phone Banks on Tuesdays

We're calling folks to check in to see how they are doing, and if they will support Casten this November. We worked hard for these seats in 2018, and we'll need to work even harder to keep them for 2020!

JOIN TEAM CASTEN FOR PHONE BANKING TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS! Sign up here to call Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-8:30pm with Team Casten

Weekend Phone Banks are also available with the campaign. Join folks from Indivisible Evanston & other Casten supporters. Training available, too!

Training Note: If you are new to phone banking, a required training session will start 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the first shift you attend.This training is essential to help you better understand the campaign to re-elect Sean Casten, goals of the program and guidelines for making constituent calls.

  • If you have already attended a training session, you do not need to attend training again unless you want a refresher course or have questions.

  • Equipment you will need:

  • A fully charged cell phone (or your home phone can be used)

  • A computer or tablet (to connect to ZOOM and record results in VAN)

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