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We wanted to provide some guidance on organizations that our research shows most effectively put progressive donations to work where it counts.

The First Group of organizations do the work of finding effective grass roots organizations to support and recommend.  Following that, we have listed some grass roots groups that have been noted as being especially effective. 

Organizations Guiding Voters on Where to Give Effectively  



Blue Tent 

To help Democrat and progressive donors give with maximum impact to advance change, we seek to identify opportunities to make an impact in specific areas—using both philanthropic and electoral funds. Our strategy briefs outline key approaches to support and spotlight key organizations that donors should know about.

Focus For Democracy 

We apply rigorous, metrics-based research to recommend programs that will have the highest impact for each dollar spent. Our strategic analysis and evaluation allow you to feel confident about where your contributions will be most effective.

Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier helps your dollars make change We are an all volunteer fundraising group that has raised almost $17 millionfrom a community of over 14,000 donors that has grown nation-wide since 2017.Our focus is on winning Democratic majorities in the House + Senate + supporting voter empowerment groups who work to strengthen our democracy. We do the research  so you don’t have to. (recommend supporting Eric Sorenson in Il (Dist 17) and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin

Partners for Democracy 

P4D is an informal working group that identifies and vets grassroots organizations working to get out liberal and progressive votes in swing states. The group identifies grass roots group for you to donate to directly 

Movement Voter Project 

MVP empowers communities through strategic funding of grass roots organizing. MVP identifies, vets and trains effective community-based organizations and invests in them so they can build networks and thrive for the long-term.  

States Project

The States Project connects the importance of state legislatures to every aspect of our lives and brings together communities to help build a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

Our electoral work focuses on winning governing majorities in the states by making state legislative campaigns more effective and better-funded. Our policy work provides nonpartisan tools and resources that connect a diverse community of state lawmakers committed to improving lives for the people they serve.

We do it because we believe that state legislatures are the strongest force for change in this country.

They support the creation of a giving circle to identify and fund state campaigns.  They also identify local state campaign where giving can make a difference (i.e. 5 Michigan local candidates

Flip the Vote 

Flip the Vote provides a way for people who care about democracy and civil rights to channel hope and fear about upcoming elections into meaningful action.  They make strategic recommendations based on careful research about where and how to invest in winning critical elections. [In Wisconsin they recommend BLOC]

They help people sponsor house parties  to engage and activate their friends and family around their strategic recommendations.


Mothering Justice 

Recommended by Sister District for Michigan - Mothering Justice is a grassroots policy advocacy organization that provides mothers of color in America with the resources and tools to use their power to make equitable changes in policy. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for families in America by empowering mothers of color to take action on American policy on behalf of themselves and their families. 

We the People Action Fund 

Recommended by Sister District for Michigan - We the People Action Fund works to build long-term deep organizing infrastructure focused on local issues, elections, and corporate accountability that impact communities across Michigan. They work to foster long-lasting alliances across communities that are explicitly multi-racial with a racial justice lens.

Citizen’s Action of Wisconsin 

Recommended by Sister District:  Citizen Action of Wisconsin is dedicated to economic, racial, and environmental justice, and achieving a Wisconsin and an America where every human being has an equal opportunity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We believe that organizing is the only pathway to unlocking the true potential of democracy to fundamentally transform our society in the human interest and overcome structural racism, sexism, xenophobia, corporate domination, and other forms of oppression.


Recommended by Sister District for Wisconsin: WISDOM is a state-wide grassroots interfaith organization in Wisconsin that includes participation from 160 congregations of 19 different religious traditions. They lead the effort to end mass incarceration in Wisconsin and fight for immigrants rights, economic justice, public transit, and health care access. 

Airlift California: Orange County Action 

OC Action AAPI-Latinx communities in Orange County:OC Action is committed to a long-term progressive transformation of the electorate and will continue to move towards the change that our people deserve.

Airlift Fund 

Founded in 2017, Airlift is an all-volunteer fundraising organization that believes in year-round grassroots organizing. We raise money from generous donors like you and give those funds directly to Airlift’s curated Partner Groups. The non-profit grassroots organizations we support are primarily located in battleground regions. With our funding, these organizations bring local people into political action. They develop leaders and build statewide political coalitions that give them a voice in creating the policies that govern their states. 

Airlift was founded on the idea that to make real political change and to ensure that democracy works for all of us, we must involve everyone in our communities. Our goal is for everyone to participate in creating policies that have a positive impact on our communities and to have a voice in creating lasting change.

BLOC Black Leaders Organizing for Communities

The concerns and needs of the communities we represent always come first. Community-based organizing and face-to-face conversations lead to change. So we listen in order to build transformational, not transactional, relationships.

We are uniters, working to lift up the Black citizens, leaders, and businesses of our community. We are transparent in our work to ensure the community we advocate for can hold us accountable.

CIRC Action Fund

Our mission is to build a strong and thriving Colorado where all residents are treated with dignity and respect and have equal access to a fair and just quality of life and the opportunity to live united with family members. We achieve this mission through advocating for fair, humane and workable public policies and by increasing the civic participation of new Americans.

Communities for a New California 

We educate and motivate voters who have historically been left out of policy decisions impacting our schools, neighborhoods and their families.“We get the hustle votes” (knock doors, phone banks, etc.)

Courier News Room 

COURIER is a pro-democracy news network that builds a more informed, engaged, and representative America by reaching audiences where they are online with factual, values-driven news and analysis.

Field Team Six 

Sole focus is on registering voters in Swing States and Districts 

Forward Montana Foundation

We’re educating, engaging, and organizing young Montanans to shape their democracy to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow Montanans.

Run for Something 

Since launching in January 2017, Run for Something has recruited nearly 100,000 people across all 50 states to run for state or local office. 

We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive leaders — at all stages of their journey — helping them run efficient, strategic, grassroots, driven campaigns while feeling supported throughout the process.

Working America

Working America unites working people who don’t have a union on the job. With more than 3 million members in urban and suburban communities, we work together for good jobs, a fair economy and a democracy that represents all of us.

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