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Protect Voters in Wisconsin: How You Can Help!

Wisconsin is often referred to as the breaking point state—as goes Wisconsin, so goes the country. That means that Voter Protection is more important than ever! Every vote is critical, every voter should have their vote count, and every voter we can help make their voice heard brings us one step closer to keeping WI blue in 2022 by re-electing Gov. Tony Evers and electing Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes to the US Senate! And Wisconsin needs US -- out of state volunteers just over their border -- to help make this happen, just like we did in 2020!

You can get involved by joining the WisDems Voter Protection Team AND signing up for one or more of these important roles and priority events:

There are several ways you can help! There is an urgent need for actual poll observers on Election Day (November 8th), but it that isn't a possibility for you, no problem! You can call to recruit others, or sign up to "cure" absentee ballots.

You do NOT have to be a resident to be a Wisconsin poll observer!

Are you interested in being a poll observer in Wisconsin? Poll observers are the eyes and ears for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Voter Protection Team inside polling locations across the state. You will be the first line of defense against any problems voters might face in trying to cast their ballot, which makes poll observing the single most important thing you can do other than cast a ballot yourself to ensure a strong, healthy democracy.

Once you fill out this interest form, we'll contact you with more information about officially signing up to be a poll observer in Wisconsin for the Midterm elections on November 8. Please note that this is an INTEREST FORM, and we will follow up with you with the official signup form for our program. The first training is 10/11 and last is 10/19. Once trained, you will get all the information on where you're needed and all the other pertinent details.

You can also help protect the vote in Wisconsin by recruiting others to be poll observers for our November election!

WisDems needs your help to recruit poll observers to be their eyes and ears at polling locations, so that voters can safely and easily cast their ballots in November. All you need is your phone and a computer (laptop or desktop, not a tablet) for this virtual volunteering program. Training is offered at every phone bank on Zoom, and we provide the script! You will receive a Zoom link for the phone bank in the confirmation email with all the details.

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