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Sign Up for our New Postcards to Wisconsin Campaign!

Welcome to the new IE Postcards 2 Wisconsin campaign! Join Indivisible Evanston to write postcards to likely Democratic voters in Wisconsin, encouraging them to vote in the November Presidential election, to visit the WI voting information website, and to request mail-in ballots. We will supply the postcards, names and addresses and script. You just supply the postage (and support the post office at the same time) and write the cards!  Until we can meet again in person at our postcard parties, we will have packets of 100 cards and materials available for pick up seven days a week at three locations in Evanston. You can also sign up to pick up cards in Chicago with Indivisible Chicago, or order directly online to have them shipped to you if you are outside of the Chicagoland area. We are only writing cards to Wisconsin, so if you would like Michigan cards, you can also sign up with Indivisible Chicago or order them directly. How it works: 

  • Go to our Sign Up and select your preferred postcard pickup date/location.

  • Check the blue Sign up box on the date and location you want to pick up.

  • Click on the the black "Submit and Sign up" box at the bottom of the page.

  • Select how many packets of 100 you would like to pick up.

  • Click on the black "Sign Up Now" box to complete your registration.


  • How many cards can I get?

  • For ease of distribution, cards will be available only in packs of 100. But you have six months to complete them. Share them with friends!

  • How do I get stamps?

  • We are not providing stamps. If you don't want to go to the post office to buy stamps, jut order them online. CLICK HERE.

  • If you have trouble ordering online, please contact Candace Davis for help.

  • When are we mailing the cards?

  • All cards will be mailed at the end of October. Due to issues surrounding the deadline for absentee ballots, we cannot yet identify the mailing date. We will notify you of the required mailing date closer to the election. 

  • What do I do with the cards once I am done writing them?

  • You can hold onto the completed cards and mail them yourself on the specified October mailing date.

  • You can also bring the completed cards back to where you picked them up, and we will mail them for you in Wisconsin in October.

  • PLEASE do not return cards to us without postage. Thank you!


Thank you for joining us! Together we will turn Wisconsin, the White House, and Congress Blue!

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