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Take Action: DC Statehood Digital Week of Action on April 12-18

D.C. Statehood Digital Week of Action: April 12-18

During the week of April 12th, Indivisible is going to do all that we can to make D.C. statehood a major part of the national narrative — but we need your help. Below are a few easy digital actions that you can take that are proven ways to get your member of Congress’ attention and should only take you a little time to pull together individually or as a group of constituents. 6 Digital D.C. Statehood Actions You Can Take Right Now (TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read) Version):

  1. Record a D.C. statehood Soapboxx video and post it to social media, tagging your three members of Congress

  2. Call your representative and two senators using our scripts

  3. Submit a D.C. statehood letter to the editor to your local paper(s)

  4. Record videos and take photos using 51-star flags or homemade D.C. statehood signs with a few of our creative suggestions (also, this printable 51-star flag)

  5. Take part in the “50 for 51” photo & video project with DC Indivisibles

  6. Help us spread the word on social media using our D.C. statehood graphics and the hashtags #51stars and #DCStatehood.

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