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Trump Tells The Truth for Once ... About Voting By Mail

Guest post by Bob Best, Wisconsin Voter Registration Project

Every so often Trump throws us a curveball and tells the truth about something. He recently acknowledged that he opposed vote-by-mail because it would hurt Republicans.

That’s true.

In fact, if all 50 states did it, it would really hurt Republicans.


More people would vote. And, having more people participate in government works against any organization dedicated to elitism and bigotry.

The ruse the Republicans use to combat vote-by-mail is that it would promote voter fraud. Any time you hear a Republican say they want to reduce “voter fraud,” just substitute the word “turnout” for “fraud.” “Fraud” has nothing to do with it.

Let’s look at one vote-by-mail state, Colorado, which has been using vote-by-mail since 2013.

Voters in Colorado receive a ballot in the mail three weeks before Election Day. Once completed, the ballot can be mailed back, dropped in secure boxes throughout the state, or the voter can decide to go to a polling place and vote in-person.

Does vote-by-mail work?

Yes. Voter turnout in Colorado has increased 3.3%

Does it cost more?

No. It costs about $6 LESS per voter.

Does it promote fraud?

No. Colorado election officials apply risk-limiting audits after elections. A centralized database is used to compare and track ballot returns, providing additional security. And, it’s all done on paper, providing an evidence trail while eliminating the possibility of any electronic system hacking.

Is it exactly what we need right now in light of COVID19 and our inability to sufficiently staff polling places while protecting people from having to vote in-person and expose themselves to the virus?

Trump has already answered the last question and was quite truthful about why he is against it …

Because it’s democratic (with a small “d”).

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