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UPDATE: Urgent Illinois Supreme Court Race

What's Going on with the IL Supreme Court?

State Supreme Court races may not be at the top of the ballot, but there is so much at stake. Here in Illinois, our Supreme Court Justices can defend or roll back the rights and protections we have fought for in Illinois. This November there will be two newly-redistricted seats up for election: the 2nd Judicial District (DeKalb, Lake, Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties) and the 3rd Judicial District (Bureau, DuPage, Grundy, Kankakee, LaSalle and Will Counties).

If right-wing forces take over the Illinois Supreme Court and align with the politicized majority at the U.S. Supreme Court, many of our hard-won freedoms in Illinois will be in jeopardy. Recent headlines underscore that abortion rights could be threatened in Illinois and a conservative majority in the WI Supreme Court is rolling back voting rights by disallowing absentee ballot drop boxes.

Judge Elizabeth Rochford (D) and Mark Curran (R) will be on the ballot in the 2nd District. Judge Michael Burke (R) and Judge Mary Kay O'Brien (D) will be on the ballot in the 3rd District. Once elected, judges serve for 10 years.

The far right and ultra wealthy are pouring millions into these races, so we need to do what we can to fight back to protect our courts! State Supreme Court elections are something few of us really pay attention to, but we all should be. Here in Illinois, Supreme Court justices are partisan elected officials. Conservatives already control 3 of the 7 seats on the court. This November, there are two newly redistricted seats up for election. We're assisting Citizen Action Illinois in writing postcards to voters in the 3rd Judicial District, reminding them to vote in the Illinois Supreme Court election in November!

It's time to wrap up postcards promoting the Illinois Supreme Court races! These postcards should all be mailed by Monday, September 26*

Click HERE for more information and details about mailing your IL Supreme Court postcards. Questions? Contact us at

Once your cards are mailed, you can sign up to volunteer with Jane's Army, or phone bank with Democratic Party of Evanston on Sundays for Judge O'Brien.

You can also contribute to Citizen’s Action to support the cause or donate directly to the campaigns of Judge Elizabeth Rochford (D) in the 2nd District and/or Judge Mary Kay O'Brien in the 3rd District. Your donation will help us defend and protect our courts!

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