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We Deserve A Country Free From Gun Violence

The Fourth of July in our North Shore communities will never be the same again after yesterday's mass shooting in Highland Park - yet another act of senseless gun violence resulting in the loss of innocent civilian life at the hands of a military-style assault weapon. As we prepared to march with you yesterday morning, we learned of the horrific crisis unfolding just to our North. We are devastated for the Highland Park community, the victims, and everyone impacted by this tragedy -- especially the victims and their families. In the words of our Evanston Mayor Daniel Biss:

"There really aren't words for this moment to express our condolences to those who lost loved ones or were otherwise harmed yesterday morning, to communicate our anger at the gruesome reality of gun violence in America in 2022, or to articulate how frightening it is for a town that treasures its communal public gatherings like 4th of July parades to grapple with the question of when we can ever be truly safe." Read the rest of Mayor Biss' statement HERE

While our hearts break for our neighbors to the North, rest assured we will continue our fight against gun violence and other critical issues by working hard to help Democrats get elected in November, and to pressure our elected representatives to continue to take action to make our communities and country safer. We understand that things can feel overwhelming and demoralizing right now, but we also know that you, like us, feel better when we are doing something to make things better and affect change.

Things are not all right. What do we do? Indivisible Evanston will continue our work to register voters and to get them to the polls by making calls, sending texts, writing postcards, and knocking on doors. We will vote and make sure every friend and family member who can, does as well -- in their primaries and in November. This Midterm Election our freedom, our rights and our country are on the line. Again. If you haven't done something in a while, now's the time to step up and channel your devastation into action -- for those who can't.

Indivisible Evanston Leadership Team

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