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WI Voter Registration Phone Calls

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Join the WI Voter Registration Calling Crew: Help us flip Wisconsin blue!

The Wisconsin Voter Registration Program, an offshoot of Indivisible Evanston, has launched a massive voter registration effort to reach over 100,000 targeted unregistered voters by phone. Based on past program experience, we expect to potentially register 30,000 “highly likely” Democrats.

After the targeted voters receive their registration packet in the mail, our volunteers will follow up with “chase calls” asking them to complete their registrations and send them in.

Want to join us? To participate, just sign up below and send an email to the project coordinator, Bob Best.

Sign up to attend all the WI Voter Registration phone banks which run weekly from now until September 30 here: Sign up here

Mondays: 7 - 9pm | Wednesdays: 3 - 5pm | Saturdays: 3 - 5pm

Interested in making calls to Michigan? Contact Bill Mengebier with Indivisible Chicago.

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