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Wisconsin Voter Registration Calls!

Join Us For The Final Push to

Register Wisconsin Voters!

We have seen a HUGE increase in our chase calling program to reach 76,000 unregistered Wisconsin voters. A lot more volunteers are making a lot more calls but we still need help! If you want to make a real impact through a proven program that will produce a lot of likely-Democratic voters, join in. These are incredibly easy calls. We are calling unregistered Wisconsin voters who we have already sent a voter registration packet, as well as several text reminders. Our calls are just one more reminder to register to vote. Our volunteers have already called over 42,000 potential voters AND we've already registered over 9,000 voters this way!

Want to have an impact where it counts? Register Here Just join our next ZOOM training/calling sessions and make 100 calls.* It takes less than two hours, but it has an incredible impact! And once you're trained, you can make these calls anytime on your own!

So Many Training Dates! Choose from every Wed. and Sat. through October--the sooner the better!

Register below for phone call training. Any questions? Contact Bob Best at or 312-286-2110

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