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April 2020 Meeting: How to Ensure Safe, Secure Elections During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

WATCH OUR APRIL 14 VIRTUAL MONTHLY MEETING: Ensuring Safe, Secure Elections During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

Since we can't meet in person, we moved our April Monthly Meeting online to a Zoom video conference meeting! Coming off the recent events with the people of Wisconsin being forced to vote in person during their Primary election and the Trump administration's mishandling of the pandemic, the meeting's theme was: "Ensuring Safe, Secure Elections During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond." This week we are focusing on Indivisible's upcoming April 17 Vote By Mail: Call Your Senators Day of Action. Click on this link or see information below for details.

Many thanks to our panel of local, regional and national experts and activists who talked about voting rights, election security, election integrity, reaching voters and more. They addressed how this pandemic crisis is impacting voting and elections, and what can be done about it between now and November. We will provide links to all of the actions mentioned in our next email. Our panelists were:

  • Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors, Indivisible. Speaking about the aspects of the People's Bailout that focus on making our elections safer and more accessible, especially the actions we can take now to increase access to, planning and funding for increased voting by mail in November. Please see the link below for 

  • David Kronig, Director of Voter Protection of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin: Report on the WI primary and next steps towards increased voter protection in WI.

  • Reid McCollum, Postcards to WI and MI, Coalition for a Better IL-6: Update about our next campaign: sending 2 million postcards to WI and MI voters by November.

  • Rosemarie Colacino, Director of Election Security Voters’ Rights, Indivisible Illinois: Update on about national and state of IL vote by mail efforts to make voting safer and more secure in November.

  • Linda Tate & Bob Best, Indivisible Evanston Wisconsin Voter Registration. Report on their WI voter registration efforts (Milwaukee program) and next steps.

Two Steps required to watch the recording of our meeting:

2. Use this password if prompted -  we know it's kinda crazy but Zoom generated it:   E9@%f47I  We suggest you copy and paste the password or when typing know that it's a lowercase letter "I" (L) at the end!

Thank you, and we hope you join us for our net virtual monthly meeting on May 19th!

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