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Help Us Turn WI Blue: Wisconsin Wednesdays Phone Banks

Turning Wisconsin BLUE Depends on YOU! WI Wednesdays Phone Banks: 6 - 8pm NEW: Wisconsin Weekend Phone Banks - Saturdays

⭐️ Our rockstar Calling Crew of 462 has made over 20,000 calls to WI since June 24 and we need your help to make more! Please see the block below with the image of our Calling Crew for a discussion of our calling strategy. Individual WI Wednesday/Weekend Phone Bank sign ups: September 9, 6 - 8pm: Sign up September 12, 10am -12pm: Sign up Saturday! September 16, 6 - 8pm: Sign up September: 23, 6 - 8pm: Sign up September 26, 10am - 12pm: Sign up Saturday! September 30, 6 - 8pm: Sign up LINK TO ALL WI Wednesdays/Weekend Phone Banks: Sign up here. Want to flip Michigan? SIGN UP: New to phone banking? Sign up for a phone bank training session before the phone bank.

📞Calls can be made any day; morning, noon & night. Just attend one of our phone banks for orientation & then call at your convenience.

➡️ We make phone banking easy! Our phone banks begin with a Zoom call orientation and end with the opportunity to debrief. Along the way, our phone bank leaders are available to help you with any problems. After you sign up, we'll get back in touch with all the information you need to connect. We're with you every step of the way! Thanks for joining us in this fight to turn WI BLUE!

WI Wednesdays Calling Crew: Phone Bank Strategy

We are working to turn Wisconsin BLUE and carry it for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

While we do that, we are focusing on the strategic battleground areas of the state where Democratic votes are particularly important. This includes some State Assembly districts where Democrats have a chance to flip a seat or need to defend one. The State Assembly races are must be defended/flipped because we cannot let the Republicans get a veto-proof majority. Especially as re-districting is on the table.

We are calling likely Democrats in these areas whose voting record may be spotty. We need to get these likely Dems out to vote. Along with our allies in Wisconsin, including the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, we believe that building awareness and enthusiasm for these local candidates while we ask for support for Biden/Harris will help drive turnout and votes for Democrats up and down the ballot.

We're always working to determine the most strategic focus for our phone calls—it will be changing as we progress through to November as the specific situations change on the ground. Thank you for joining us!

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