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Register for our June 23 Monthly Meeting: Phone Banking 101

Phone Banking is easier than you think...

And we can prove it to you with just 30 minutes of training! We can't canvass in the midst of a pandemic, so we have to do the next best thing, which is phone banking. It's easy! Let us show you how. On June 23, our friends at Indivisible Chicago will conduct a 30-minute class that will tell you the secrets, show you the ropes, and answer all your questions. Then we'll do some role play with Daniel Biss!

Why is phone banking a priority? It’s effective:

· Phone banking can move the margin in a race by 2.5 points

· Phone banking can produce 1 vote for every 35 conversations

· Phone banking can increase turnout by 3 percent

And, while they’re still crunching the numbers, Wisconsin organizers tell us voters who got our calls in the days leading up to last month’s special election were multiple times more likely to vote than those we didn’t reach.

This training will help you be confident and comfortable calling voters as we focus on flipping WI & MI and ensuring Rep. Lauren Underwood wins in November. We record our meeting and share the link a few days after so no worries if you can't participate on June 23.

We can't meet in person but we can phone bank together virtually using Zoom! As we count down to November, one of the phone bank options we'll be promoting is our partnership with Indivisible Chicago:

  • Our members appreciate the format: first we gather on Zoom and discuss the day's work: where we're calling and why, background on the candidates and races, how to respond to voters who need special help in these strange times. As we make our calls, our leaders are always available for questions or special problems. After we're done, we regroup to debrief and learn from each other's experiences.

  • And you can always join us 30 minutes early for the phone bank training class as many times as you wish and roll right into a shift.

Meeting Registration, Confirmation & Question Submission

  • Register for the meeting with the link below. This registration link will not get you into the meeting, you must first register to get the meeting link.

  • Confirmation: once you register, you’ll get an email confirmation from Zoom with the link and login information to the meeting. We strongly recommend you either add the link to your calendar, or save the confirmation email so you can easily find it at the time of the meeting.

  • Questions: you can submit a question ahead of time, and you will also be able to post questions in the chat box during the meeting. Given our time constraints, we will do our best to get to everyone's questions but may not be able to do so.

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