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Thank you 2020 Volunteers: Callers, Texters & Writers!

YOU are AWESOME in the truest sense of the word... We are in awe of YOU!

The Indivisible Chicago Alliance had one mission in 2020. To keep IL blue, including the House seats we flipped in 2018, and to build back the Blue Wall in the Midwest by flipping Michigan and Wisconsin. While we still wait for Joe Biden to get to 270 Electoral College votes tonight, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all you did to help us accomplish our mission.

As part of the Indivisible Chicago Alliance, we asked you to make 200,000 phone calls to voters. You delivered 517,000. That's 250% of our goal.

We asked our Texting Team to send 600,000 texts. You blew past that and delivered 1,425,000, more than doubling our goal.

Postcard Posse: we asked you to write 515,000 postcards. You delivered 685,000, 30% more than we asked. Indivisible Evanston alone wrote 350,000 of these!

And while we did not plan on knocking on doors due to the pandemic, when conditions allowed, some of you even traveled to Michigan and knocked on 17,000 voters' doors!

Oh, and those postcards? You helped to start a national movement that exploded to 15.7 million cards written by 100,000 volunteers across the country. We helped ship 2.5 million of those out of a garage in Evanston.

We are humbled by these numbers and by the hours of work, dedication and commitment that they represent.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Waiting for the results: be patient.

Final results might not be ready for several days. In the meantime, any politician can say what they like, but this election is up to the people. It’s time for US to have our say. Count. Every. Vote.

Protecting the results: be confident. This administration telegraphs its moves, so we know they declared victory before the votes are counted and are trying to use the courts to stop counting our votes. We have been preparing for that bag of tricks. We have been organizing with groups across the country and here in Chicago to Defend the Election.

Indivisible Chicago Alliance along with other groups gathered peacefully in Daley Plaza last night at 5pm and marched to demand that every vote is counted. Other Protect The Results events are being planned: Sign up here to receive notifications on more actions.

We’ve come too far to falter now. We must count every vote and swear in the government the people choose. We’re grateful to have you on the team as we uphold that foundation of our democracy.

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